Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My first photobook from

I’m super excited. Just placed an order for my first photobook on Here’s the preview. I hope the hardcopy is as good as the preview. I ordered 3 copies so I can give one copy each for the two neneks on their birthday.

I think this is a good way to showcase all the wonderful photos. With digital camera, photos never get to see the light of day unless you switch on the computer. How many of us do keep photos in an album anymore?

Blurb has a 15% discount for December. The code is: DECEMBER. Not too late to make your own photobook.


  1. wahhhh cantiknya. never come across ni... will explore it after this. Nowadays, dah tak pernah g cuci gambar mcm dulu2.. semua simpan dlm PC or external disk jerr

  2. Mila, itulah sayang gambar2 tersimpan dlm harddisk je. Atuknenek,makcik,pakcik yg tak mengadap computer cam kita ni xde can la nak tgk gambar. Suka nostalgia belek2 album gambar. Anak2 kita pelik kot kalau tgk album gambar nanti