Sunday, December 19, 2010

Itsy Doodles Gang Came To Visit

I got back to Putrajaya from my mom’s in Setiawangsa at about midnight. i was so sleepy and nodded off in the car. When we reached home, both kids were fast asleep and we took a child each up to bed. After all that, I tried to sleep but it’s no use. Mata dah merajuk. I’m wide awake. I was surfing in the darkness on my Ipod hoping to get sleepy again but instead, I’m more awake than ever. So, I checked out a few websites, sent some emails and organized my photos. I came across these set from Naza and kids’ last visit a couple of weeks ago and decided to edit and post it here.

Naza and kids had visited us before but it never crossed my mind to take pictures or mention about it here. This time, Naza asked to check out my camera and we shot a few pictures here and there. Here are some of Akif, Naza’s youngest. Teruna pemalu nih :)

Here’s one of a dusty flower arrangement on my side table. Showcasing the camera’s ‘bokeh’ effect. I edited this shot with Photoshop Elements 9 for the extra contrast. Read about my camera and Photoshop Elements here.
Thank you for the visit Naza and gang. I hope you don’t mind me putting up Akif’s photos here.


  1. Wah!..Glamer la anak mami sorang ni...Nice sets la Rozi. Banyak yg senyum malu2 kucing hehehe..
    Except yg last tu..his trademark-the masam, kenin berkerut..why u looking at me look heheheh..

    And your camera....sangat super best okeh!

  2. Senyum malu2 kucing tu susah nak dapat hehehe. kalau tak postkan, mmg tak jumpa dah gambar2 nih. sekarang mana develop2 gambar n simpan dalam album lagi dah. ni project nak buat photobook ni.