Sunday, November 7, 2010

Three is a party!

Introducing another addition to my sewing room, my brand-new, pre-loved Brother Innov-Is 900. Like my school motto, ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’, which means ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’; I went all the way to Kluang, Johor to inspect the machine and with great satisfaction and agreement to the price, it came home with me, Yeay!

It all started when I received an email from Faziah a couple of weeks ago about my earlier post here. She has the exact machine that I wanted and asked if I’m interested to purchase it from her. With a few emails and smses going to and fro between us, we agreed to a price. I even told her that to be fair, if she gets other offers for the machine, she has the prerogative to offer is to the highest bidder. What more, she’s in Kluang and I don’t know if it’s possible for me to go down to check the machine out. After all, it’s a big price-tag item, it’s not something you’d buy and pay for courier without inspecting the item first, right?

I’ve always believe in the Laws of the universe; anything and everything that you’ve ever wanted is coming to you and this is the perfect example. What are the chances of Faziah stumbling over my post on my dream machine? 

Anyway, initially, my ever supportive husband gave a tentative date of November 13 to go to Kluang to inspect the machine. However due to some changes in his work schedule and taking advantage of the public holiday, we made the trip during the Deepavali break.

The landmark for Kluang

The whole process to me was like going to ‘merisik’ (loosely translated ‘to ask a girl’s hand in marriage’) We arrived in Kluang around lunch time, grabbed a quick lunch and contacted Faziah to get directions to her house. Long story short, despite being our first meeting, we quickly connected like old friends. The common interest in sewing and crafting linked us and bridged the age gap. We closed the deal and the machine followed me down to JB for some RnR.

Me being so excited, tested the machine that very night and fell in love with it even more. Thank you Faziah and family for welcoming us to your home and making it possible for me to materialized my wish list way ahead of schedule. 

As for the rest of the weekend, we stayed in JB, went to Singapore on saturday to hang around with my younger brother in Pasir Ris and checked out Sentosa Island. We’re on a shoe-string budget so nothing fancy. Danial however did go on the Skyride and Luge three times; once with Azrai and twice with me. I didn’t want to go window shopping in Orchard Road, or Bugis Street which we can do in KL itself. Here are some pictures I took. Being the photographer, I don’t get to be in any of the pictures.

Arwen’s passport 

Danial @ Sentosa Island

Love this!

the Luge
Being away from my sewing room gave me the chance to knit and try out the two socks at a time from the book I bought recently. I made one for Arwen in Knitpicks sport yarn in Orchid and used some scrap yarn for Danial’s. 

Arwen’s socks. She use them as bed socks.

Working and Danial’s socks while waiting for them splashing around in the hotel pool

All in all, it’s been a great weekend for me. I got a bunch of photography magazines and books from my brother, some curtains that he bought from India but never use and a lot more. 

All these are possible due the grace of God and the support of my husband and kids. Thank you Muhammad Azrai Shamsir for your love and support. Thank you for your willingness to take me to Kluang to get my machine and then taking us all for a break in JB and Singapore without asking for anything in return. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki suamiku, Amin...


  1. wahh makin kencang projek jahitan lepas ni yerr.. tahniah

  2. rozi..lepas ni blh dtg kluang lg yer...
    kt hang out kat kluang railway coffee...
    nice meet u...

  3. wah .... bestnya mesin tu..... i stay kat JB...kalau senang2 n turun ke JB lg bolehlah kita berjumpa n berkumpul sesama crafters...

  4. arwen dear.. kita sama birthday la.. untie cuma lahir awal 30 tahun jer.. heeee...

    bestnya mesin tu.. canggih tu... tak sabar nak tgk embroidery akak...

  5. Fuzzy, InsyaAllah. Ari tu dapat amik gambar je :)

    Azura, InsyaAllah. Next time I turun JB, I let you know :)

    MamaDaniel, nama anak dah sama, now share birthdate lagi dgn doter I.