Thursday, November 18, 2010

It’s all about pleating

I received a gentle reminder from Fuzzy with regards to pleating her fabric for smocking. I’m very busy this week as I’m now holding the fort on my own. Hubby dearest is away at a medical conference in Germany for a week. And yes, we celebrated Hari Raya Aidiladha without him. Just me and the kids. Anyway, on with the pleating story.

So, I took down my pleater and dusted the box. Took it out from the box and my spool rack. Fuzzy sent me 6 fabrics to pleat. She even tag them individually as to how many rows she wants on each of it. I save the last, 23 rows and snapped some pictures here.

My spool rack and threads for 23 rows of pleating

I put the pleater on its box for the extra height

Fabric to be pleated and magnetic rod

Rolling the fabric onto the magnetic rod

Pleating in progress

Pleating completed

My work is done for the day

The fabric Fuzzy sent me are ever so cute. Makes me itch to do smocking again. Well, at least I can get this off my things to do list. Fuzzy, they’re coming home to you. Can’t wait to see how the smocking come out... Enjoy :)

p/s: I offer pleating services and charge RM1.00 per row. And if you just want to do smocking and you’re not very sure to put them together into a dress, I charge a small fee for tailoring too. Just email me and we can discuss the details.

p/s: I’ve yet to select any winner for my giveaway. Sorry for the delay. Will get on to it ASAP. Just bear with me.


  1. I've never seen a pleater before.. to be honest I was (and still am) quite blissfully ignorant of anything to do with pleating.. thanks for sharing the pics with us..

    I'm just wondering (it may already be obvious to those familiar with such technique) why the colourful threads..?

    Hope you had a good Eid albeit the missing hubby.. have a good weekend

  2. Sue, the pleating is something like a temporary basting. You use contrasting colour so you can see it and pull it out when you’ve done your smocking. Some would precut the thread up to a certain length, so you can use one colour instead. In my case, I use up whatever thread I have and cut the threads once I’ve finished pleating. In a way, less wastage. Nasib baik tu ada 23 spools.

    Thanks. We did have a quiet Eid. Lunch with inlaws and dinner at aunt’s in Bangi.

  3. i'm also a smocking fan. Pls free to visit