Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My first swatch

When I got the yarn from Hubby dearest, I can’t wait to get started with knitting socks. But a few pages on my book on socks, the author strongly recommends that I swatch my yarn before I start anything. All this while, I don’t swatch. My ‘sifu’ when I learn to knit never thought me to swatch. I learn how to adapt a pattern with the her so no matter what yarn, it’s still OK.

But this time around, I figure, it’s not that easy to adapt a pattern for socks to have it fit nicely. I dug out my 2.5mm Korean bamboo circular which I bought from Mayfair sometime ago and did a swatch following the instructions from the book, washed it and blocked it.

This is a note as one day I’d might dig up this swatch again and don’t know what is the gauge. So, this swatch is 30st in 4 inches with 2.5mm needles.


  1. I have no idea what-so-ever to what you just said in your post.. *sigh*

    sorry if this sounds lame.. but why swatch the yarn?? oh never mind.. i just googled and found the info here: http://knitting.about.com/od/learntoknit/a/gauge_swatch.htm

    thank you for sharing Rozi (my heart skips a joyful tune every time I learn something new) *grin*

  2. Sue, it’s all knitting terms. Mambo jumbo for non knitters I suppose. We learn something new everyday yea? If I’m in Japan, I’d be knitting as the weather now would be nice to have knitwear kan? Plus, I’d get to wear knitwear, how lovely... Kat sini, berpeluh la nak pakai knitwear hari2.