Friday, November 26, 2010

A Knitted Vest for A Special Guy

Cool Friday morning. I’ve been thinking of this Guy a lot lately. Maybe because his birthday is coming this December. I miss  him a lot. I think it’s almost 13 years since we last saw each other. He used to be my playmate, roommate and sparring partner at times... heheheh...

Last week when Azrai was away, I couldn’g get to the sewing machine much so I took up my yarn and knitting needles instead. I knit whenever I can around the kids. I’ve been wanting to make something out of my one and only luxury yarn stash, Colourscape Chunky in Carnival by Kaffe Fasset.

I got my inspiration at Berroco website. They have lots of free patterns. I adapted Easy Peter to match my yarn tension. Quite easy and the yarn knits up very fast. Like it so much.

I hope this Guy likes it. The colours are a little feminine. I hope he’s comfortable with his softer feminine side. :) Care to guess who this Guy is? No rewards though...

p/s: pictures are with minimal editing on iPhoto. Couldn’t get the keys for my Photoshop Elements 9 yet. Goal remains, methods change. I shall find a way soon.


  1. Staring at this beautiful vest thinking..Gosh! if only i know how to knit :)

    p/s - am chanting the new planted mantra

  2. what a good mate you have ^ ^, i wish i know how to knit too...~

  3. hoyoyi, he’s my younger brother :) can always learn. very easy. there’s only 2 stitches to learn, knit and purl. the rest is variation from that.