Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bantal MakNab

My friend, Alice asked me to make kapok (kekabu) filled pillows for her mom inlaw and so I did. She asked for four. I gave her two first and forgot to take pictures. The husband, Faudzi, requested me to personalize the pillows. I didn’t want to do an iron-on transfer labels because it doesn’t last after a few washing (Actually, after one washing). So, the first two didn’t have any personalization. To make it up, I personalized the other two; Even on the pillows (see picture on the bottom right hand corner). 

I hope MakNab slumbers well with these pillows and have beautiful dreams.

p/s: I’m on hyper-drive with photo editing and blogging now as my Photoshop Elements 9 trial is expiring in 5 days! 


  1. Salam Kak.. kalo saya ada quilt top, nak mintak tlg akak sulamkan nama sblm saya quilt boleh tak kak? kalo bleh nnt kita further discuss about price, etc.. saya keje area putrajaya jugak.. tq kak..

  2. Salam MamaDaniel. InsyaAllah boleh tapi with the existing fonts on the mesin sulam je. Ada limitations pasal Akak belum teror lagi nak mengmanipulate machine tu. Email akak on the details so I can quote you.

  3. ok kak.. tq.. nanti saya email.. sbb tengah tunggu nama baby.. tq kak..