Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clearing my WIP basket

This is the final two pieces of CDs I’ve completed today. My ver 1.3.7 and ver 1.3.8. From my two yards of PUL, I’ve made 8 CDs and some more for wetbags and lots of scraps (I’m thinking of using them to line my mamapads)

My hoops and loops from Talk about being afraid of running short of notions, I went overboard and got the whole role of God knows how many yards. 

Elastics also from

Very Baby one size pocket diaper pattern from Now, I can clear everything up and close a chapter on my Cloth Diaper making episode. I’m glad that I’m able to tick this item off my to do list.

That’s my WIP basket. I’ve put the fabric that I’ve cut, pattern, etc into plastic bags so they don’t get mixed up. The brown box are some of my pattern templates, notes, transfer papers, etc, and my hoops and loops.

My goal is to clear my WIP basket before embarking in other projects. I do feel a lot better having completed these few projects. There’s peace and harmony. A lot of good vibration for creativity. I guess half done work or WIPs generate negative vibes. They become positive aura when they are completed. Generating more creative juice to flow, you think?

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