Monday, May 24, 2010

CD Toter

Not known to many, I’ve actually started selling my Casserole Dish Carriers since I first published a post about it here and also how to use it . CASSEROLE DISH CARRIER is such a mouthful to pronounce, I’ve decided to dub it as CD TOTER. It’s not an original name, but it’s much more practical, don’t you think?

My CD Toter went to action last week when Danial’s school was having a Teacher’s Day potluck. I fried two packets of chicken nuggets and put them in two casserole dishes and packed them in my toters. They made the desired impact and Danial’s teachers started asking where did I get them. The promotion worked. When I picked up Danial later that day, some of the teachers ordered the toters from me.

Having a list of orders to make plus the earlier orders from friends and families that I’ve yet to fulfilled, got me to fire up my sewing machine and run my little production line of toters. I’m building up my stock for ready made toters. These are a few of the toters that I’ve completed and reserved for clients. I’ll update their status accordingly, after my orders are fulfilled in case there are interested buyers out there.

CDT cat 1.5.1
Sold to Atty.

CDT cat 1.5.2
Reserved for SHA

CDT cat 1.5.3

CDT cat 1.5.4

CDT cat 1.5.5

CDT cat 1.5.6

CDT cat 1.5.7

CDT cat 1.5.8
Quantity: 2 units
Sold 1 unit to Atty
1 unit left! SOLD!

These are the details of my CD Toter:

  • Size: Approximately 16” diameter
  • Material: Heavy cotton top and bottom panel, quilted bottom with CP batting lined with polycotton or cotton fabric.
  • Price: RM50.00 per unit (not including delivery charges)

I’ve yet cracked my head to make an order form on my blog. Therefore, interested buyers, please email me your orders at I’ll upload the fabric in my stash that you can choose for your toter soon. I will then email you the payment details. For pre-orders, please allow two weeks for me to cut, sew and mail the toters to you. 

For international prospective buyers; I do accept Paypal. 

I’m already thinking of my toters being toted around during Ramadhan month where families get together to break fast. Fast forward ahead, it’s a pretty way to carry your rendang and lemang to your mom’s or inlaws' on Hari Raya.

I’ve received a feedback from a friend who bought the toter from me about a month ago where she gave it to her mom for her birthday cum Mother’s day gift. It’s one of a kind and her mom is the only one using it to her usrah group. Here’s a shout out to those who’ve already bought a toter from me, I’d appreciate it if you can leave a comment on my blog about the toter.


  1. love the new collection especially the 1.5.6 and 1.5.8.. very cute and practical!! good job Rozi, all the best with your cd toter..

  2. Thank you for your encouragements Sue :)

  3. I especially like the 1.5.8 *wink*wink*

  4. Naza, cantik kan? hehehe penuh makna tu

  5. Ordered few as presents for coming Ramadhan for my sisters (& in-laws). I did not expect Rozi could get it done much sooner. I gave away one [Red Apple-theme] to Ana [my twin sister] with a big bowl of Pengat Labu inside. She was delighted to see the CD Toter and not the Pengat. :(
    @ Elaine

  6. Hehehe. Thanks Elaine for the comment. I'm sure Ana loved the pengat too.

  7. I sure did!!!!. Both the CD Toter AND the Pengat just as much. Both Made with lots of love, Im sure. Dear readers, kindly visit my blog, Tq.