Friday, May 28, 2010

CD Toter ver 2

It was a prototype disaster. I used the prototype to Danial’s school for Teacher’s Day potluck and some teachers did enquire about it and instead of saying “I’m not doing it”, I quoted them a price and they placed orders. So, it wasn’t a bad disaster after all.

These are some of the finished toters. The difference between the first version and this version is:

  1. The bottom is not quilted. It’s two pieces of heavy cotton sandwiched together for sturdiness.
  2. The border is not finished with bias binding. It’s topstitched 1/4” from the edge for added reinforcement.
  3. Since there’s a few short cuts in the process the price is also different. I’m selling this at RM40.00 each.
Status: SOLD


Status: SOLD

So, for those interested in this version, you can still choose the fabric here and let me know your version of choice.

For instructions on how to use these cd toters, read here.

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