Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When I’m in the mood-everything move smoothly

I received a few enquiries for handbag organizers a few weeks ago and recently finalized the choice of fabric, design and payment with the customers. The first one is my design made with Lovely by Sandy Gervais and a matching turqoise linen. I love the combination. I made this from scratch in one day after the client confirmed and transferred payment to my account. As standard procedure, I usually ask for 2-3 weeks grace period to make an item but since I’m in the mood for some sewing, things run smoothly. Even if I have to rip some seams, I take it in my stride. It’s part of the process :) How Z.E.N. is that?

I made another version of a handbag organizer which only has pockets and dividers inside to fit into a small handbag. This organizer is approximately 8.5”(L) x 4.5”(H) x 3” (D). My clients sent me a draft of how she wanted the organizer to be and the measurements. I have to figure out how to make the dividers and other compartments. It turned out quite neat too. I like this and will put it in the Product and Pricing page soon.

Then, another client asked for a passport holder that holds four passport. She asked for a combo that’s no longer available but I managed to salvage a few scraps and put together this passport holder for her. She wanted the names of her family members embroidered on it. I chose green thread. I hope she approves. This holder measures approximately 8” (H) x 9”(L) when opened and 8”(H) x 4.5” (L) when closed. It’s the first, I may want to tweak the design a bit more and perhaps add a closure as it did become a little bulky when all four passports went inside. I made this today. Again, everything went smoothly till the very end on the last name, half way, the machine stopped and the warning came out “bobbin thread is empty”. *sigh* I took a deep breath, unhook the hoop and replace the bobbin. Part of the process, part of the process... I keep telling myself :)

And oh, by the way, I made another Ilisa Back-Tie Bow Dress with some cotton fabric from a local textile shop (Kamdar) for a cousin who’s giving it to her grand-niece. She asked me to make one for her grand-niece quite a while back but I didn’t get around to doing it until recently. Part of the reason was I wanted to send her some clothpads so I figure I might as well stitch up a dress quickly and send them together. The Ilisa dress is so simple to make that I’m addicted to it. It was just another reason to make one :)

I think one of the reason I’m on a high key is from the support and encouragement of a few craft groups on Facebook; namely GMJ Club and Program 1H1P. I’m excited to share my interest and what knowledge I have in photography with the members as I believe in decent pictures for your blogs and online shops. No more pictures taken from handphone cameras. I shared a simple tip of making a DIY diffuser because a lot of them shy away from shooting with a flash. I showed them my DIY polystyrene cup and gave them links to make a DIY diffuser with a polystyrene plate

My GF2 with a DIY polystyrene cup diffuser. This picture was taken with Iphone
This is an example of a polystyrene plate DIY diffuser I found on the internet

Maybe I’ll do one blog entry for that later. :)