Monday, October 24, 2011

My First Mod Podge Project - Fabric Fridge Magnets!

I went on a Mod Podge hunt yesterday and got a few 4oz bottles from Craft Haven in One Utama. I’ve been itching to make these fridge magnets after I saw some scrap busting ideas in Make It & Love It blog. Mai of Okinokiyo mentioned that she got her Fabric Mod Podge from Art Friends in Gardens. Here’s her post about her Mod Podge project. I called up both places and both of them didn’t have Fabric Mod Podge anymore. I resorted to the general purpose Mod Podge and made this this morning. Super easy, super cute! Now I need more of these fridge magnets to recycle! Oh, and the how to is here.

This is one blog with lots of projects with Mod Podge:

Here’a youtube video on making a frame with fabric Mod Podge:

The possibilities with Mod Podge is endless!

I’m pretty sure I’ll going through my 4oz bottle in no time. Simply loving it!


  1. mod podge ni apa yer? gam kain ke? or more than just a glue?

  2. Mila, Mod Podge is a 3 in 1 glue, sealer and finish. org buat decoupage selalu pakai. google aje.