Friday, September 30, 2011

Camera Bag Insert ver 1.0

I can now checked camera bag insert off my “to make” list. I made one this morning while Arwen is asleep. There’s a great tutorial here but I winged my own measurements because my camera is a small GF2. The finished insert measures approximately 12”(L) x 6”(H) x 6”(D). I only used two thirds of it with two lenses in one compartment and the camera in the middle compartment. I guess this size might fit bigger DSLRs better. I used some scraps from my wall hanging organizer here.  It fits my Longchamp tote my brother gave me and it adds structure to my Cosmo bag. I will keep this in case we go travelling, I can use the extra compartment to keep the charger and a speedlight (when I have one). I might make a smaller version for everyday use. I still have heaps of the 1/2” foam left from the foam mat that I bought at a DIY store.

Loving it! 

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