Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gearing up for my first Craft Market

I’m excited over the craft market that’s happening tomorrow that I can’t go to sleep. I might as well blog about it and spread the words. Azzah of Sew Fabby has graciously open her booth for fellow GMJ to put up their items for sale and I took up the offer. So, Rozi’s Needlework or Made by Rozi Rahman (I’m rebranding) will have our first craft market exposure tomorrow in Booth 17. Do come and check it out.

I have a few things that I’m putting for sale and they are:

Luggage tags @ RM12.00 a piece
Passport Covers @ RM15.00 each

CD Toter @ RM50.00 each

I only got to make very few of these items so if you want them, grab them quick at the craft market. I’ve also dabbled into making my own price tags and again Azzah of Sew Fabby helped out with the purchasing of the plastic packaging.

In the eleventh hour, I decided to make my own business cards. I got my inspiration from here and since I’m just looking for an excuse to use Mod Podge, this is a perfect project for it.  I started applying Mod Podge on some scrap linen for the base fabric and some cotton scraps for the deco fabric. I didn’t have card stock so I used whatever that’s available in the house; HP Photo paper. 

I love this project. The only one setback is I have to leave the Mod Podge to dry before the next step and I don’t really have the luxury of time. Yet, I managed to make quite a few of these beauties. I’m very proud of them especially the design on my card. I made it from scratch and threw it to my good buddies in GMJ Club. They comment, gave ideas, shared, improved until I have the final design. That’s why earlier on I mentioned I’m in the midst of rebranding. I’m pushing my name as a brand. 

And here’s some of the fabrics designs that I used for my card. And this is the first batch. The second batch is still left to dry for the night. 

These will meet the public at the craft market tomorrow. I better get some sleep. Need to wake up early and drive to PJ to help set up with the booth :)