Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scrap-busting: A beanie for Danial

The long Federal Territory plus Chinese New Year holiday came and went. For people like me who don’t really have a kampung to go back to, it was a relaxing period to just spend the day at home and go out for meals. Oh, I celebrated my 9th Anniversary on February 2. After nine years of marriage, it was the first time Azrai brought home flowers for me. Isn’t that sweet? It’s not that he never thought of that. It’s just that we’re a practical couple that flowers seems to be a waste. As it is now, it’s wilting away in my kitchen. But the thought of it is touching. Thank you my dear husband for being my everything...

On Chinese New Year, I went to BookExcess in Amcorp Mall but didn’t get any magazines or books. Nothing really caught my fancy. But I managed to snap this photo outside the building. Isn’t it pretty? May the year of the Golden Rabbit brings prosperity to us all.

Feb 4th, was my MIL’s birthday. We took her out for dinner at Outback, Bangsar Village. I asked Azrai to snap a photo of my MIL but the photo didn’t come out quite good enough. So, I give you this, instead:

As far as activities in my sewing room, I managed to sew me a blouse and wore it last Sunday. No picture. Husband is not a shutter bug and I cannot take my own picture. The first picture of Danial’s beanie is made from the scrap sock yarn. From two balls of 100g each sock yarn, I made a pair of socks for Azrai, a pair of socks for Danial, a baby gift set of a pair of socks and beanie (No picture yet) and Danial’s beanie. 

I postponed the delivery for fabrics and finished goods till after the long weekend as I don’t want any mix-up at the post office. 

I hope you had a great time being with your family over the long weekend, as much as I did. 


  1. wah.. dah siap beanie Danial.. cepatnyer... saya punya baru 18 rows.. dan dah habis benang biru.. gi kedai on 7th, masih tutup cuti raya lagi.. huhu...
    hehe..bunga tu.. so sweet... :D
    happy anniversary kak!

  2. me too thinking of flowers is just a waste, but sesekali dapat.. hati kembang setaman jugak kan hehehe

  3. Danial's beanie is just lovely! I love the color! Happy anniversary!

  4. Zila, TQ. hehehe, you saksi masa suami akak balik bagi bunga kan? :) takpe, buat pelan2. no hurry pun kan... biar your stitches kemas.

    Mila, kembang sepadang pun ada. pastu tak tau apa nak buat ngan bunga tu... abis pun, amik gambar nak abadikan kenangan.

    Aisyah, TQ. It’s Regia sock yarn in Scorpio. Love the self striping colours. Super stretchy, tak caya, tanya Zila aka MamaDaniel