Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NYC Cab revisited: A fresh perspective

I made a post about my knitted toys here at the beginning of this blog and the photos were taken from a camera phone. As today is the theme day for DSLR Kelab Malaysia, and the theme is ‘vehicles’, so I shot this, this morning. The photo does justice to this little cutie :)

I’m slowly turning this blog as a gallery for my photography as well. How it has evolved... One of the main reasons I took up photography more seriously was for this blog. To have better pictures. I’m glad I did and I’m having fun doing it.

A big about Kelab DSLR Malaysia. It’s an open group on Facebook and I was invited by a friend. They have 1 Hari 1 Foto assignment which is in line with my Project 365. You get to post only one photo a day and have members of the group comment on your picture. I can really see a lot of improvements in my shots from my earlier ones in my personal project. At the end of the day, the admin will choose a few best pictures and have them in the Wall of Fame for the day. I am elated to have mine chosen twice! It’s here and here. What more, it’s challenging to compete with photos of nature, sunset, sunrise, macro shots of bugs and what have you. Mine were more on still life and the stuff in my sewing room. So, to be picked into the Wall Of Fame is really an honour :)

And if you’re interested to view my Project 365, you can go here:

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  1. and again.. nice picture Sis... timing memang tepat dengan keta yang nak pass by tu.. memang cun.. :D