Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knitting Inspirations

I was sorting out my yarn stash yesterday only to realized that I’ve close to 100 balls of yarn stashed up!!!! How did that happened? (Ngeh, ngeh, ngeh) I’ve mostly cotton or cotton blended yarn in sport weight and DK. I do have a bag of chunky wool yarn and some sock yarn.

I want to destash some. Email me if you are interested in getting these yarns. I’m also doing a shout out if you’d like me to make/knit knitted bodice like Arwen’s Apple of my eye dress. The price for the knitted bodice starts at RM25.00. Let me know the colour you want, and the measurement. I need 1-2 weeks to knit the bodice (depending on the size and workload).

Last monday, MamaDaniel came to send her quilt for embroidery and stayed awhile to learn to knit. My first student :) She brought her own yarn so we casted on using her yarn. Having interest plays a BIG role in picking up a new craft and Alhamdulillah she has a lot of that. She started knitting in no time, despite the awkwardness in holding the yarn and needles for the first time. With practice, I’m sure she’d get the hang of it.

The invitation to learn knitting is open. It’s not a class. It’s more on a one to one coaching. You can go to a yarn shop but you have to buy everything; needles, yarns, and what not before they teach you for free. Be ready to invest RM100 and more to get free coaching. That’s how I started.  Or, you can come and sit down with me, pick up one of my needles and scrap yarn and knit a few rows before you decide you want to knit seriously. You can even knit a whole blanket or sweater using my needles on loan before you get a pair of your own.

I leave you with a picture of my knitting needles.


  1. Kak.. still awkward nih.. hehe...
    suka gambar knitting needles tu... sangat klasik.. :D

  2. Zila, Panasonic Lumix GF2 dah keluar tapi tak sure ada kat mesia ke tak. Single lens kit RM2499.

  3. Kak.. thanks for the info..! that day saya tanya kt kedai diorg kata kalo saya nak kena order dulu... (masih kumpul modal nih... hehe...)