Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When I can’t sleep, I sew

These past few nights, I would wake up at around 3 where Arwen would start fussing for feeding and have trouble going back to sleep. I made a wall pocket organizer last monday using IKEA fabric that was on sale. The whole back panel serves as storage for my rulers and cutting mat. Observe below:

I only made bellow pockets on the bottom panels. The top two pockets are the straight forward ones. I’ve also got hubby dearest to knock some hooks to put it up and my spool rack. It’s now on the wall facing my cutting table and it’s easy to keep all the tools like scissors, rotary cutter, seam ripper, tailor’s chalk, form curve ruler, etc etc so they don’t get lost under the mess as I sew (hopefully).

I also managed to make a Ipod/Iphone pouch for a friend’s birthday present. I saw Zura made one and published it in her blog and thought it was easy enough to replicate. I used my fat quarters stash. Colours so sweet.

I woke up at 3 again this morning and made another pouch. This time, I took pictures of the process, thinking of doing a tutorial. Stay tune for that...

p/s: Alhamdulillah, my body clock is being set to wake up for sahur kot... tu yang asyik terbangun kol 3 jer.


  1. kak, camna cutting mat tuh bole hanging jer kat belakang organizer tu yerr..

  2. Kain back panel tu lipat 2. Pockets tu kat bahagian depan aje so ada slip utk masukkan mat and rulers. kena buat fitting la, with small allowance so mat tu tak melendut.

  3. wahhh kreatif betul kak rozi nii.. brilliant idea betul... nak kena ceduk idea banyak2 ni for my new sewing corner niii.. weekend ni baru nak pindahkan ke tempat asal.. ni masih lg kat guest room

  4. hehehe... alhamdulillah. idea datang mencurah jam 3 pagi. mana idea boleh pakai, pakai la. kacang je wall organizer nih. finished size besar sket dari 24” x 18” mat tu jer...

  5. Pukul tiga pagi~..(singing to the tune of P.Ramlee's sound) hehehe