Sunday, August 22, 2010

Projects in Ramadhan

I’ve been busy making CD Toters for a good customer. This time it’s with a twist. She sent me her own material to work with. On top of that, I got a bit adventurous and added trimmings to the toters. Got bored with the square patchwork so I made free motion or crazy quilting in some of the toters. There’s supposed to be 10 toters but I took only 9 pictures. Already packed them for delivery so can’t take the one I’ve left out. You’ve seen one toter, you’ve seen them all I supposed. Nevertheless, here they are for my archive:

I took a week to finish up on the toters. Once I’m done with them, I started on Hannah’s tops, pants and capris. I am so honoured and touched when Hannah’s mommy said that this year she’s not shopping at Sogo for Hannah’s clothes. She sent me some pictures for inspiration and here’s my interpretation:

Sweet Knot Top and Capri pants.
Back view
Lil Arwen label
Sweet Knot Top and Capri pants in Grand Foliage and DelHi dots in pink
Capri in Dandy Damask Cocoa/Pink
Girl’s Easy Lounge Pants in ZigZag Zoo in Pink
Easy Peasant Top in Garden Friends Strawberry
Thank you Hannah’s mommy for your trust in my sewing skills. I hope Hannah gets a lot of wear from them.


  1. I enjoy seeing your CD toters.. from the fabric combo to the new trims.. job well done, as always.

    the toddler's clothes are very cute!! love the pattern and the fabrics.. I still don't have the confidence to sew anything wearable *sulk*

  2. Thanks Sue :) The toter got took me to greater heights in the world of crafting. I’d never dream of doing the things I’ve been doing when I first started this blog :) And made good friends along the way too!

    I’m taking small steps into dress making. Starting with easy patterns... very inspired by the beautiful things Durra, Zura, Maya, Liza O make... btw, saw your work first hand from a bento bag Aza bought from you. Love the fabric. Nice workmanship.

  3. Gorgeous clothes Rozi! Comelnya all the combos very inspiring too. Great job!

  4. Thanks Zura... Coming from you, it’s an honour! Saya mak budak baru belajar hehehe