Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Notebook sleeve for hubby dearest

For the longest time, we hardly spend our sunday at home. Last week was an exception and I managed to get some sewing done. My husband asked for a sleeve for his new notebook and one for his partner. Using my old VAIO sleeve as reference I made one out of the Spiderman leftover fabric from Danial’s backpack.

The old and the new

Velcro closure

Pockets on the flap for external harddisk and cables

The second sleeve with heavy cotton
The sleeves are padded with batting. A tip: cut your batting slightly smaller than your fabric to reduce bulk when you turn over the fabric.  I use my seam allowance as a gauge. And to keep it in place, I used the adhesive spray like the one below which you can get at any quilt shops or crafts shops.


  1. sedang mencari netbook for personal use nii.. kalau dah dapat nnt.. netbook sleeve ni is a must.. top in the list hahaha.

    Thanks for the info n also the picture of the adhesive spray... in the list for my next trip to CW

  2. the netbook sleeve is so cool.. do you make it for sale? and how much is it?