Sunday, August 29, 2010

A notebook cover and more tops and dresses

I’ve promised a friend to make her a notebook cover (netbook to be exact) when I saw her own cover was rather ‘tired’ looking with coffee stains. As usual, it went down the list of things to make and yesterday I had a reason to get it done. We’re break fasting together at Restoran Mukmin (a branch of Haji Shahrin Low’s) in Shah Alam; a good time to pass her the cover. So I cranked up the machine and got this made in a couple of hours. I hope you like it Atty. 

I also made another Sweet Knot Dress and Capri set for Soraya in Robert Kaufman fabric. Simply love the combo.
Sophea, Soraya’s elder sister gets a peasant top with bodice.
Sophea and Soraya’s mummy requested a handphone cozy from Soraya’s scraps and here it is. I hope she likes it.

I have another break fast sessions with friends on Merdeka Day and thought of giving them my CD Toters. I’ve made one, four more to go. Just snapped the picture with the mess on my sewing table. 

Just a mention. I’m still doing the CD Toters on made to order basis. I’ve been busy with so many other sewing projects that I haven’t got the time to make stocks and put them up on the blog but if anybody is interested in the CD Toters, email me and we can discuss the details.

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