Saturday, March 10, 2018

PM LIVE, Astro Ria TV appearance on 23 February 2018

 I received a call from Wani, assistant producer for PM Live, Astro Ria on Thursday, 22 February 2018 inviting me to be one of the panel to discuss about Traditional Costume Jewellery. Apparently, she got my contact details from my wirecraft sifu, Mastura Mustafa. I didn’t give an immediate answer as I told her I’d like to bounce off some issues with my sifu. Had a quick chat with Mas on how I can contribute to the topic they want to discuss on the programme. I started wirecraft back in 2014 and have been doing it eversince and started to conduct basic wirecraft classes recently but I don’t think I’m anywhere near being the expert in the field. Mas reassured me that I can just give my input as a crafter and with her full consent and confidence, I accepted the invitation to come to the show.

It was aired on Friday, 23 February 2018. My kids were on a special day off after their school’s sports day the day before. I have to be at Astro by 11am. Got my husband to drive me there. Wani greeted me at the reception area. By now, I’m quite familiar with Astro as I’ve been there a few times before to shoot for Brother’s sewing machine promotion on GoShop. Anyway, I was taken to the make up room for touch up before the show. I had butterflies not because I was nervous about going on air. I think I’m ok in front of the camera. I was more nervous thinking of what questions the hosts would ask and if I draw a blank not being able to answer their questions. Anyway, I was starstruck when Kak Ogy came into the make up room for touch up too. Azura in person! I grew up watching her in movies and now we’re in the same room together! I didn’t waste the golden opportunity to get a selfie with her. 

I am blessed because my crafter buddies took pictures of me on tv and shared them on social media. Otherwise, I won’t have any pictures of myself. Here’s one taken by f.a.r_blankets. Thank you dear

All in all, the show went on smoothly. The other 3 panelists were Salikin Sidek, a fashion designer, Puan Shalini from Paulini; and Kumar from an online shop who promotes Indian costume jewellery. I had a lot of fun.

And who can resist another group shot with Kak Ogy? This picture is courtesy of Tuan Salikin Sidek. Thank you sir for letting me share the picture.

Chalked up one tv appearance for 2018. Not too bad if I may say so myself. Thank you Mas for the nudge and the confidence you have in me. I needed it.

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