Saturday, May 28, 2016

Telekung Class @ Putrajaya

A good motivation to get my husband to clear his things in the living room is to announce that I will be having a small telekung class at home. He cleaned up very good that my son said that the house looks like we just moved in.

Anyway, my first kelas telekung in Putrajaya happened last Tuesday, 24 May 2016 in my humble abode. I only opened the class for 2 pax. My house is small so I can't squeeze in too many students. The plus point is that it's very personal.

Class started at 9.30 and everything was smooth sailing that we're done by lunch time; which goes extremely well with these mommies as they can go back to their babies sooner than planned.

I even cooked lunch for the class! Coming from a person who doesn't fancy cooking, that's a big deal! Hahaha. A simple lunch of white rice, chicken curry, stir-fried vegetables and sambal goreng ikan bilis is what I can put on the table for my guests.

I've also given Naza Arwen's telekungs for her daughters. They are a bit worn out because she did use them frequently when she was in kindy but they are still good enough for a few more wear. The girls were estatic from the picture Naza tagged me in her instagram.

 Giving these telekung away is also a motivation for me to make new ones for Arwen. Currently she's left with one usable pair; the one I did when I attended Kelas Telekung Kanak-kanak conducted by Teacher Azian at Shah Alam Community College. I need to make at least 2 pairs for her to rotate for school and for the coming Ramadhan.

I'm clearing up my back-log of telekung kanak-kanak Fatimah al-Zahra orders and hope to squeeze in hers, إن شاء الله 

Herels wishing everybody Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept all our deeds.

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