Friday, May 20, 2016

Teacher's Day Gift Ideas

Teacher's Day is on 16 May but it is up to the schools to plan their celebration. On my children's almanac, it shows the celebration is today. I've made a small bag for Arwen's teachers with personalized embroidered names on them. 

I got Danial to make his own gifts. That's where the challenge starts. He was so fickle-minded that he cannot decide what to make for his teachers. I stepped in and got him to work on a personalized leather keychain for his ustazs.

He was really proud and worked hard on the keychains. He stamped the names himself and stitched the keychains. He enjoyed the stitching process.

I got an order to make a batch of scrappy fabric keyfobs from a fellow craft-market vendors back in 2012. It was a simple project and she requested it well in advance so I can slot it in my work schedule. 

Sometimes, the simplest things make the best gift. Anyway, I'm sure the teachers are appreciative to all the gifts they receive on their special day, big or small

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