Thursday, April 14, 2016

Double Knitting aka Reversible Knitting

I ventured into double knitting a couple of weeks back and started this cute hearts pattern. Initially, I thought I’d make a wash cloth just to test out the pattern. The initial stage was very slow. I was holding both yarns on my left hand (continental) but struggle to separate and pick up the right colour yarn every time. Then, at a craft meet, (more specifically ACG annual general meeting), a member suggested that I hold each yarn on each hand. And why didn’t I think of that? Duh!!! Anyway, as with any new thing, it was awkward at first but as I progress, I found my rhythm and my double knitting sailed faster.

I’m three quarter done with the double knitting scarf. I’m going to leave it for the meanwhile as I’ll be working at it as a demo at Spotlight Mines this Saturday, 16 May 2016 between 11am to 3pm (that’s when I have my knitting class) and at the Mines Shopping Mall’s Westcourt on Sunday, 17 May 2016 around the same time. Do come by if you want to check out how double knitting is done.

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