Saturday, March 14, 2015

Silhouette: Experimenting with PixScan Mat & Vinyl Starter Kit

This is me when I get a new toy; I would browse the internet and Pinterest on projects using Silhouette and my head just started to spin with so many things to do. I gave in and bought 2 additional items to add into my Silhouette collection; the PixScan mat and Vinyl Starter Kit. I ordered them here on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 and they arrived the next day. That’s what I like about Online Shopping.

I tested the PixScan Mat first. It was fairly easy to calibrate my Iphone to the software. I have some pattern paper with some designs that I can immediately use to cut out so I took a picture of it on my iphone, transfered the image to the software and send it to cut. Easy peasy huh? NOT! Well, not after several attempts. The trick is: TAKE THE PICTURE IN A WELL LIT AREA WITH AS LITTLE SHADOW AS POSSIBLE AND TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE WHOLE MAT.
There’s several videos on YouTube teaching you how to calibrate the camera to cutting the scanned image. Here’s my demo of my PixScan test:

Then I tested the vinyl. I know Teacher’s Appreciation Day is somewhere in May. With two kids in school, there’s no harm in starting early on the gifts. Again, with things around the house (hoarder extraordinaire) I made these coasters from MDF boards bought from Daiso. They came out extremely well. Just love the clean lines Silhouette cut on the vinyl, making the result so professional. (I sprayed 2 coats of clear acrylic sealer over it so that it’s water proof)

Oh, I didn’t just shop for my Silhouette stuff, I had a tough time at home on Monday that I resorted to more online shopping. I had some credit owing to me from an Online Shopping site when I returned a faulty item sometime last year. They gave me some store credit and it was a good time to redeem it (the GST thingy again) So I redeemed it for a huge powerbank. It came on Wednesday afternoon and before I left to pick up Danial from school later that evening, I’ve already pimped it, hahahah!

Having great results from my rather emotional and impulsive purchases, I am glad to report that I have little if not, no ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ hahahahaha

Have a good weekend everybody!

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