Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mug Caddy


I don't know about you but my mug collection has somehow expanded over the years and I have more than I need. So I thought I'd upcycle them for Teacher's Appreciation gifts. While browsing Pinterest for ideas, I stumbled upon this cute mug caddy idea and fell in love with it.

I looked up for free tutorial online and put two and two together and came out with my own version. It's a quick project and you can whip one up in under an hour. i made two!

It's so fun to make so I put together with another quick project as a beginner's project to learn. I haven't blog about me teaching sewing at Spotlight Ampang Point since last October. That will be in another post. Back to my story; if you would like to learn to make this cute mug caddy plus a quilt as you go option of a purse or a hotpad, book a class with me. Details are on the poster below:

I have students coming from outside Klang Valley and I am humbled by their enthusiam to learn and willingness to travel the distance. Not many are aware that I do private classes too. If you can gather a group of friends together, I charge a nominal travelling fee to come and conduct the class at your convenience. Just drop me a line to discuss your requirements with me.

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