Monday, August 22, 2011

All Set for Hari Raya

I’ve finished baju raya for the kids. I’m still old fashion when it comes to raya. I prefer the traditional baju kurung to the modern one. I just spiced it up with the fun fabric. This year, I’m using Sanctuary by Patty Young for Robert Kauffman. I used Glass Tiles in Seafoam for Arwen’s baju kurung and finished off the collar with sembat mata lalat. I think it’s somewhat (or actually is) like a bullion knot. That’s the only finishing that I know how to do and even that I learnt if off the internet. I used some scrap from my baju kurung for the covered button. Isn’t it cute?

For Danial and Azrai, I used Zen Garden in Grey. I’ve done the tops. Azrai bought himself a matching grey pants to match so I don’t have to make a pair of pants for him but Danial insisted on having the whole baju malayu in matching fabric. It’ll be nice if I know how to sembat tulang belut for the baju melayu. I need to cut for Danial’s pants now and for the last week to go before Eid, I might just be able to squeeze in and sew a matching tudung for myself and a shirt for Azrai since he didn’t buy any clothes for raya. 

In case this is my last posting before Eid, here’s wishing everybody 

“Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri”

“Maaf Zahir dan Batin”


  1. baju kak rozi pon sama ngan arween ker? mcm tahun lepas, sedondon sampai tudung sekali kan...

    kemas jer ur mata lalat, I would prefer tulang belut than mata lalat. My mata lalat selalu tak kemas hihi

  2. Mila, lain sket... kain je sama dgn kain Arwen. Baju tu corak lain; Temple Tiles in Seafoam. Awning tudung pakai kain sama ngan baju Arwen kot. Boleh la nak belajar jahit tulang belut dgn Mila. Kak Rozi tak pandai tulang belut.