Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My New Camera Bag

I’ve had my Lumix GF2 for almost 3 months now. Although it came with a bag but I normally chuck it in my Cosmo bag along with God knows what else. It’s rough I know and I’ve been searching for a bag suitable for it. I went online and browsed Esty for some ideas. I like the cubie or a padded insert that you can put in any bag. But I don’t have any foam lying around in the house to make one. 

Camera Cube found on Etsy
 After much searching, I finally decided to follow Pink Penguin’s Bento/Lunch Bag tutorial. I made a slight modification to the bag where I added  batting onto the bag’s body for padding and extra protection to keep the camera from being knocked around too much. And Oh!, I added some pockets in the interior lining for memory cards.
 I took this with my Iphone4. The quality is not too hot. I am seriously considering to make a matching camera strap cover and lens pouch... 
I’ve had ScotchGard for quite sometime already. I found it at a DIY shop in IOI Mall, next to Daiso. I was prompted to get this when Naza of Itsy Doodles asked me how to stain-proof placemats she’s making for a customer a while ago. My solution is to put the placemats under the plastic or vinyl cover that people usually put on their tables. When I saw this, I thought I’d give it a try and protect my bags. :) I have yet to put it to test. I will update accordingly when I have. 

Now, I’ve got to get ready to pick Danial up from school and send some packages to the postoffice. 


  1. sis, cantik beg ni..saya teringin nakwat beg gemok cute ni tp tak pandai..

  2. Thank TinyTini. Ikut je tutorial, akak dah link tu. super easy :) kalau nak pakai batting, replace je yg interface tu dgn batting :) good luck!