Monday, May 16, 2011

Luggage Tags for Teacher’s Day and A Camera Strap Cover

I was procrastinating as usual on making a gift for Danial’s teachers for Teacher’s Day and decided to make luggage tags a day before D Day. It became a weekend project for us. It was super fast and I love it because I get to clear my scraps. Perfect scrap-buster.

 Danial helped out personalizing the cards for the gift. His hand-writing is neat nowadays. I don’t ask too much from boys...

Look at Danial displaying the tags on his arm. :)

Passport cover for Datin Nur Fadhilah

Passport covers for Adelin Madiha and family :)
Early this morning, I managed to squeeze in 2 more luggage tags to go along with the passport covers ordered by Adelin Madiha and Datin Nur Fadhilah. It’s FOC!!!! I hope you like the little surprise :) Sorry, no picture. I had to rush it to go out with my delivery man :) Thank you my beloved husband :)

By mid-morning, I got this done. A camera strap cover for Rumaizah Abdul Wahab, a photorgrapher and owner of LittleBigSHOTs Photography. She asked for a lens cap pocket and I hope this will do :) I was intimidated to edge stitch/top stitch the strap and sure enough, the stitches jumped/skipped when I use the normal foot. I have to undo the stitches and for the second round, I used my walking foot and it went through like a breeze. For those who’ve not seen a walking foot before, this is how it looks like. I googled the picture and used it here, temporarily. I’ll shoot my walking foot later.

It’s been a blast making these stuff. I’m looking forward to making some more :) Have a good week ahead folks :)


  1. walking foot ni untuk jahit tepi yg tebal ke eks? tak brp sure ngan kegunaan walking foot nii sebenarnya

  2. Mila, walking foot tu lebih sesuai utk quilting psl byk lapisan/tebal... kalau quilting in a ditch pakai foot nih, sure tak lompat. jgn pakai for free motion plak. jahanam karang