Monday, February 1, 2010

Shopping and stashing up

I wanted to try some patterns I got off the internet but I don't have suitable material for them so last friday, I went to Anna Patchwork House to check out some fat quarters. Due to the friday traffic and rain, we barely made it on time. I was on a shopping spree and I bought a few things there. Thanks Anna for being so patient with me and provided excellent customer service. I would definitely come and get more supplies from you soon :)

Fat quarters and 1/2 meter fabric
Batting and interface
Plastic bag handle-mahal nih!
Wooden bag handles
Magnetic buttons

The next day (Saturday), I managed to wash all my fabrics before leaving for Colmar Tropicale. 

My spree didn't end there. We managed to swing by to IKEA for more fabrics today; despite the rain and the weekend crowd. We couldn't even park in IKEA but went to the Curve instead. I'm so blessed to have a patient husband who's so considerate. He drove me there, put Danial in Smalland and attended to Arwen, while I was busy choosing my fabric. He did that plus the fact that we just got back from Bukit Tinggi, and went to Carrefour Wangsa Maju to do groceries for my MIL.

I can't wait to get started on my projects but must wash all these fabric and pre-shrunk them first... I hope it's sunny tomorrow...


  1. hi rozi,
    i browse ur blog through craftzone malaysia, cant wait to see ur new product with the lovely fabric^^, already follow u ,wait to see the result ^^

  2. hi rozi, wish to know how much you bought for the magnetic buttons? ^ ^

  3. Hi meiweihuang!

    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I can't wait to get started myself but with baby, time is very limited. I've washed all the fabric. Now have to iron them, not my favorite thing to do :(

  4. Hi hoyoyi!

    I got it from Anna Patchwork House for RM3 per set. I bought 2 sets the other day.