Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Netbook cover or a clutch

I was torn between making a clutch or a netbook cover for my cuzz's birthday present. It started off with a netbook cover and towards the end, as I was finishing the cover and deciding the placement of the button, an idea struck me, I could make it as a two in one thing and let her decide. By just adding another female part of the snap at the bottom, Wallah! it transform into a clutch! At least if the size is too small for the netbook, she can still use it as a giant pencil case for class :)

Netbook cover/sleeve/pocket 


I also made my own label with iron on transfer. I kirim kat Azrai to get the iron on transfer papers yesterday and was toying with different designs until 3am last night. Talk about creativity surge. The initials on the cover/clutch is also printed on. I haven't got one of those expensive embroidery machine yet so I have lemon, I make lemonades. Make do with what I have.

Now, I'm putting my snap-press into good use. I haven't made any CD which was the first reason why I bought it. I got it from Tiny Tapir. Very easy to use. Just love them. For now, I have to clear the mess I made today, put my sewing machine aside and start dinner before my CEO comes home. Stay tune for my next project!


  1. Salam, nak tanya snap press ni boleh pakai satu saiz buttong aje ye? How much did you buy the alat? Was it around RM200+?

  2. Normaliza, thanks for stopping by :) snap tu ada size 14, 16 and 20 i think. my die is for size 20. you boleh beli die dia for different sizes ikut utk apa kegunaan snap tu. i beli size 20 utk senang for kain berlapis/tebal. i beli kat tiny tapir for RM215 kalau tak salah. dapat 1000 snaps, tak tau bila nak habis hehehe