Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabric hunt in Nilai Square

Edited post. The first draft was done by mobile blogging. I've actually nicknamed my fabby.

What a long and exhausting day it was, yesterday. For everybody, from me to the baby. My agenda was to go fabric hunting in Nilai 3 and Nilai Square. So, after late breakfast, I packed everybody in the car and start the engine. Hubby dearie was so sporting and agreed to take care of the kids while I go fabric hunting. Good thing, Danial and Arwen slept in the car during the journey. Here's the result of yesterday's hunt.

Black and White



Flower Power

Tutti Fruiti. The apple prints is simply delicious!!!!

A special note to my laling hubby. Thank you for your patience and undying support for my new-found hobby of fabric hunting. Your ever-thankful wife and kids truly appreciate you. I've been warned not to take my husband to Nilai 3 because while we women can be in fabric heaven when we're there but it's sheer hell for the husbands :) but my wonderful husband came to accompany me and watch over the kids while I go round and round and round the fabrics before making my final choices. I am so glad that he came along because it's no fun shopping on your own. Not taking it for granted, I think I graduate as a speed shopper because I look and my kids and husband as a ticking bomb. I better wrap things up quickly before they explode! Plus, if everybody is happy, there's a chance I can make my trip to Nilai 3 a regular affair, hehehe... It's common for people to spend a whole day in Nilai 3 but with a husband and two small children, I did my fabric hunt at 2 quite distant locations (Nilai 3 and Nilai Square) in a record time of 3 hours. Now that I know where to find the fabulous fabs, I aim to break my own personal record. 

By the way, if you like what you see, and can't find your way to Nilai 3, I can arrange a pre-order if you like. 

After the excitement of fabric hunting, now grows the anticipation of the wonderful possibilities with these fabrics... Don't you just love sewing?


  1. waoooo, u got a really good fabric hunting, love so much the cute fabric, one day i will go too.....>_< thanks for sharing ^^

  2. Yummy!!!
    Semua tu heavy cotton ek?
    Like yg stripey & flowery tu.
    Stripes very hard to find kan?
    Hei.. baru perasan..u amik gambar ikut

  3. meiweihuang, there's more but I have budget limitations hehehe.

  4. Azaidris, yes, heavy cotton. hehehe, I dah groupkan kot2 nanti nak buat pre-order senang :)

  5. Well done on the fabric. They are really pretty. I love it when I get a chance to shop without the kids. Luckily my sister is able to look after them so I can shop.

  6. Lucky you... I don't have that luxury so I make the best of it... speed shopping, grab everything in sight hahahaha

  7. So jeles of all the fabrics..

    wish my En. Kekasih Hati will have the heart to accompany me, the fussy shoppers to go round & round Nilai 3 someday..

    I took so much time to decide what to buy..thats why my En. Kekasih Hati dont like to go shopping with me, like you said he's my tickling time bomb which will explode in not more than 5mins!!

  8. rozi i pernah gak pi nilai ni tapi takpernah dapat beli kain 2 camni.. pandai u cari... tebal ke cotton nih... selalu i tanyer jek org kat kedai tu ade cotton tak.. dia cakap tak de huhuhu

  9. Salam.. kak bole share x nama kedai yg jual havvy cotton tu. 😊 if x keberatan....