Saturday, January 16, 2010

Would knit for money

It's a shout out to all out there in cyberspace, if you need a help with knitting for Christmas, or birthdays or anything at all, I'm putting my skills and interest out there to knit for a commission. It's the first time for me so we can always discuss the terms and conditions before you engage me to do any knitting assignment like choices of yarn, patterns, sizes, delivery, etc. I don't have a big stash so I do have to order yarns if I do get an assignment/project. I prefer to use natural fiber yarn like wool, cotton, bamboo, or a blend of those compared to acrylic so it would cost a bit. Unless you've got hold of some lovely yarn that you want me to use, by all means send them to me and I'd just charge for workmanship.


  1. Pn Rozi, nak tanya, kalo kat KL ni mana nak beli knitting needle tu ye? tq.

  2. Knitting needle yang biasa kat mana-mana kedai jual benang kait (haberdashery) pun ada.