Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love my Interchangeable Circular Needles

I ordered my set from sometime last November and simply love knitting with it. I love knitting in the round as I hate doing seams. I even knit flats with circular needles. It's such a clever invention. You don't need dpns anymore.

Harmony Wood Starter Set
Set includes symfonie wood needle tips in sizes 4.00, 5.00, & 6.00 mm, cables one each of 60, 80 & 120 cm lengths, clear top opening vinyl pouch with three needle pockets on one side to hold the tips, single pocket on other side, six end caps, cable keys, set of needle size ID tags and one needle gauge ruler with stitch viewer.  Final cable length is achieved when both needle tips and cables are joined together.
This needle set is sold under the brand name of Knit Pro Symfonie outside the US and is exactly the same as sold in the US by Knit Picks.

My opened set.

4mm needle tip.

4mm needle tip connected to 60cm cable.

End cap with cable keys.

Interested to get your own interchangeable needles? Email me :)


  1. hi kak...brapa Rm jarum nie??

  2. Saya beli online. Masa tu harga in AUD is 37.00 plus AUD5.50 for shipping charges. Convert to ringgit is RM135.30. Sangat2 berpuashati pakai circular needles nih.