Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some of my earlier works

If you're an Epal VIP, you'd notice some of the projects here:

This is my first handbag project from Epal. I gave this bag to my mother in law.

Second handbag project. Gave this to my mom. I even had enough left over for a toaster cover which I gave to my aunty. No picture of that but I used the flower pattern on this bag.

This kit comes with the introduction kit from Epal which I didn't start until much much later as i was more excited to get the more interesting monthly projects. So, I learned to do the harder stuff before doing the basic patchwork. This one, I keep for myself.

When Danial started year 3 at Generasi preschool, he has to wear baju melayu every friday. So, I decided to try make his baju melayu with cotton fabric and teluk belanga collar. It's like making baju kurung but shorter and with pants.

I was really into sewing when I was pregnant with Arwen. I somehow knew I was getting a girl. This is another handbag project which I did mostly at home following the instructions as I was too lazy to drive to Puchong to attend the class. It turned out OK. I took this picture with my handphone while waiting at the gynae's clinic for my follow up appointments.

When I got better in the 2nd trimester, this quilt project came out. I got it and took my time hand-stitching the alphabets. Turned out so much nicer than if it's machined stitched. I know, the picture is lousy. I'll take another picture, hopefully better and post it later. It's supposed to be a wall mount but I turned it into Arwen's baby quilt. Now that she can sit quite steadily, I'll gather her toys and let her play on the quilt.

I wanted to use one of the foot that I bought to make the crazy quilt. Love the freedom of crazy quilt. This is on my coffee table.

I just have extra material that i don't know what to do with and a creative rush that I just had to dress the dustbin!

Not only did I dress the dustbin, I made toilet roll caddy too. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing... :)

When I wasn't comfortable sitting behind my sewing machine anymore, I picked up knitting. I started with a 4 coloured baby blanket as I learned to knit and it's made of garter stitch. Then, my sifu say I can go on to make something for the baby if I wanted to. So this is my 2nd knitting project. Arwen is still too small for this. I was so huge, even the doctor didn't expect my baby to be small.

I am still organizing my photos and when I dig up more of my work, I'll post them up.

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