Saturday, June 2, 2018

Knitting & Crochet Open Session

Another throwback post. My ACG (Arts & Crafts Guild Malaysia) buddies decided to meet up before Ramadan and do a Knit and Crochet Open Session. Spotlight Mytown has generously allowed us to use hold our session at their venue. I prefer the unofficial term of “knit and b*tch” but then it may be scorn upon by others who might not see the funny side of it. 

Anyway, Mastura of @rimaumanja turned up; Liza @crafthappyliza, Fid @misfydkrafts and Kak Jon turned up. We had a lovely chitchat session while our hands are knitting and crocheting. Oh! Adam and Adam Junior came by to stop and chat as well. 

Photo credit: Misfyd

Photo credit: Mastura rimaumanja

Photo cretid: Mastura rimaumanja
We later adjourned for late lunch at a Thai restaurant. I can’t recall the name but who cares when we are enjoying the company. Abby @sarangcraftbyabby and daughter stopped by and joined in for dessert.

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