Wednesday, April 4, 2018

NaturallyRozi at JomOiling's Live Your Passion Rally on Saturday, 7 April 2018

I stumbled into essential oils purely by accident. I had a date with my friend, Mastura one day and she let me sample YoungLiving’s Tranquil Roll On. I generously rolled it onto my wrist and fell in love with the scent. On my way home, I was stuck in a traffic jam but I notice I was not stressed and in fact was enjoying the ride as the Tranquil scent linger in the car. I knew I found something worth researching.

I was raving about Tranquil on my social media network and publicly announce my wishlist of getting one for myself. A friend who is also an Independent Distributor for YoungLiving saw my posts and she sent me a 5ml Lavender essential oil and her own blends of Pain Relief and Focus Blend. I totally loved them and I started to quiz her on YoungLiving and essential oils and what have you. Long story short, I signed up as an Independent Distributor in November 2017 and embark on this wonderful journey of many discoveries with essential oils. (Thank you Aishah! You can’t imagine what door you’ve opened for me!)

Me being the curious cat cannot settle with just diffusing and applying essential oils topically. I begin to look up on other ways people use essential oils in their day to day life and I’ve made my own blends, detox deodorant and facial soaps to name a few. That led to the birth of ‘NaturallyRozi’; apt don’t you think?

Anyway, my NaturallyRozi is going to have it’s first maiden booth appearance at JomOiling’s Live Your Passion Rally this Saturday, 7 April 2018 at Dewan DUN Hulu Kelang, Jalan AU2A, Taman Seri Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. There will be lots of activities and awareness on how to incorporate essential oils in your daily live and I will be doing a demo on making basic salve and a simple melt and pour soap. Check out the the information on the poster on how to obtain the tickets for the event. If you want to learn more about essential oils do mark your calendar and get your tickets. 

See you there!

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