Thursday, April 24, 2014

March 2014 Round Up

Wow! Time really flies. I was just thinking of doing a March Round up of events when I realise that April is about to end soon too... OK let’s keep that for the next post. Now for the round up:

I covered LKPIM WP Putrajaya’s 3rd Annual General Meeting as a photographer. This shot was taken with a tripod and a timer. Not too shabby for an amateur picture taker, huh? The sewing part was my LKPIM uniform that I sewed a few days before the meeting. Can you spot me in the picture?
By the way, LKPIM stands for Lembaga Kebajikan Perempuan Islam Malaysia. Do follow them on Facebook here. I help manage the page with other admins.

Then, we got our second folding bike. This is a splurge. A friend helped us get one back from Taipei. Here’s me and Hubster taking it on it’s maiden ride in Putrajaya. All 24km or so. We were caught in the act by some friends who stopped by the road side and took pictures as evidence :)

We lost MH370. To date, it is still missing...

I’ve made some more telekungs. I’ve been focusing on telekungs nowadays. Orders came pouring in, Alhamdulillah and I’ve decided to buy my white cotton fabric by the bolt. I went to Jalan Kenanga and got me a bolt. Here’s some of my little customers with their telekung. I’m into making posters with PicArt apps on iPhone and post them on my Instagram. Follow my Instagram: #madebyrozirahman, #iammomquote

There was also a birthday party that we attended. Zharif and Qistina. I made a personalised embroidered towel for Zharif and a smocked dress for his sis.

I cook more now :)

Sausage rolls and fried chickens in my air fryer

Chocolate chip cookies

Minestrone soup with garlic bread


Macaroni & cheese

Caesar’s salad with croutons

Asian marinated chicken with vegetables

Celeries and carrots with home made dip
and trying to have a small herbs garden of a sort. I toyed with the self watering system as we didn’t get much rain in March. My chill plant was just sprouting and I didn’t want it to die out of dryness in case I forget to water them so at least the system could last for a few days. 

And to wrap up the month of March, the Hot Air Balloon festival was is town. I just took some shots with my iPhone before going for my Saturday morning ride with my buddies :)

That’s a wrap folks!


  1. Assalam Mila :) thank you for dropping by heheheh... ye la, buat summary terus.