Friday, April 25, 2014

April Round Up

The biggest highlight in April was dealing with lice problem. Hahaha! Yes, Arwen had lice and I was horrified. I knew that it was just a matter of time before we face it but nothing prepared me for it. It was really bad. I shampooed her hair with a anti-lice treatment shampoo and combed her hair with fine tooth comb. The upside of this calamity is Arwen agreed to wear hijab to school. I've made several hijabs for her in the past so she's not short of hijabs. Here are some of her pics with hijab to school.

I love wearing batik sarung at home. Just the old school type I guess :) While it's OK to wear batik sarung around the house, I couldn't bring myself to go out in one. I hate the hassle of having to change even for a short trip to pick Arwen from school so I tinkered and made myself batik palazzo. It's seriously comfortable and decent enough to go out in.  

I am taking on a bulk project in May that I've decided to close my order book for the time being. 

Teacher's day is around the corner and I've been experimenting with some ideas:
Felt keychain

And I think I've found the winner; fridge magnets. 

I've tried some with Mod Podge's Dimensional Magic but somehow I think Malaysia weather just don't agree with it so I'm shelving that idea for now.  

Care to share your DIY Teacher's Day gift with me? 

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