Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kusarungkan Kasih Untukmu; A Pillowcase Project

GMJ Pillowcase Charity Project 
In Facebook, I belong to a group of crafters and just before fasting month, we got together in the virtual world and decided to run a charity program. We did one before this late last year, towards the beginning of this year's school session where we made and donated pencil cases to orphans.

This time around, we are doing a pillowcase project for Hospital Kuala Lumpur Paediatric Ward in conjunction with Children's Day this coming November. It is similar to the Conkerr Cancer Pillowcase Program in the United States where people donate cute pillowcases to cancer patients. You can read about it here.

I supposed this project took a back seat to many of us what with the festive season and the rush to make and sew clothes for raya and what have you. However, there were some that have already made and send the pillowcases to our collection centres or members. I've made four pillowcases for this project:

Along with that, there's also a request for chemo-caps for the cancer patients. I made a request to my knitter group and pledged 20 knitted/crocheted chemo-caps. Here's one modelled by Arwen:


The generous members of my knitting club came forward and chemo-caps of beautiful colours and sizes were sent to me through out the fasting month. At the point of typing this post, I have 17 chemo-caps, I'm sure there's more to come. 

We have a page on Facebook: Kusarungkan Kasih. Please support our cause by liking the page. We have pictures of the pillowcases by other members of the group, chemo-caps, links to tutorials on how to construct pillowcases and information on how to contribute or participate in the project. We accept all kind of contribution, be it in cash or in kind. Please contact the admin at the Fan Page. 

I'll be filling in more on this project from time to time. 


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