Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A long silence and a new interest

Whoa! this would be the longest time for me to not post any entry on my blog. The last post was 6 July 2012. Almost a whole month of silence. What happened?! I was ill a few weeks back, suffered from viral fever. In fact, the whole household was infected. After that, I just seem to lost my mojo. After Supplies Surprise Bazaar, I've not cleared my room at all. It's extra messy as I just pushed everything on the table down onto the floor and took the table to the bazaar. If it hadn't been for Azrai putting it back in the room, it would still be lying infront of the door.

A friend who is also a doctor said it's probably a post viral fever recovery symptoms. I hope so but it's stretching a bit long even to my liking. I'm just avoiding the sewing room. One BIG reason is the loathing of clearing up. If I can't clear up, I can't sew. Fortunately, I've posted on my facebook page that I'm taking a break from accepting orders.


OK moving on... While gathering courage to tackle my sewing room, I've started something new. I ordered a pair of jumbo hooks over the internet and started using them with some tarn (t'shirt yarn I have lying around). Picture below was taken with my iphone and the small basket is the first project with these hooks.


My 2nd project was a rag rug. I followed this video on preparing some old bedsheets and turning them into yarn for my rag rugs.

And this video on making a simple oval shaped ragrug. Some good tips on how to add yarn when you reached the end of your working yarn, what to do if there's too much or too little stitches. I just love her rugs. They are so rustic 'ala Little House On The Prairie' like.

This is my first rag rug:


The one on top now is laid nicely outside the bathroom downstairs. I quickly made a second one which goes to Danial's room, just outside the adjoining bathroom.


These projects are super fast! I can make a small bath rug with one single fitted sheet in a couple of hours. I'm really hooked on this and got Azrai to ask for some old bedsheets from my mom inlaw and I asked my mom when I went to break fast at her house last Sunday.

Here's one rug made with MIL's old bedsheets:


And I made this from my mom's retro bedsheets. I used to see them since forever. They're probably and most likely older than I am. I love the retro batik prints and decided to combine 2 colours. Love how they turned out, don't you?

I caught the interest of some of my craft buddies and they asked me to organize a group buy. So, here's my poster for the group buy. If you're interested to jump on to the bandwagon, drop me an email at 

While typing this post, I found out that I've maxed out my Picasa pictures storage for the blog. The whole 1GB of it. Now my pictures are stored in Flickr (Thank God for Pro Account). 

Having said that, I think it's not too late to wish all Muslims wherever you are a blessed Ramadhan. 

Signing off for now. Time to pick Danial up from school. 


  1. superb la kakak... envy ... u got time.. mine.. i collect and pile up all in a basket and now semua dah nak kluar dah...but no time to make the yarn.. so envy of you... hope can spare sometimes before year end to cut and to turn up everything into that cute rug...
    hope u get well soon

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  3. NIce. yang bergulung tu ada jual ke atau buat sendiri juga?