Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let the pictures do the talking

I bought some jute twine from Daiso recently and tried to knit it into a basket. This is my WIP:

Some times earlier this week, I sidetracked and made scrappy keychains. I found a tutorial here and made my own versions. I like the circle ones but my circles didn’t come quite as cute as I wanted them to be so I stick to squares and rectangles. 

My first prototype

The approved version

This is me going overboard!

I also bathe my cutting mat for the first time upon reading that my OLFA mat loves moisture. Here’s the link. It’s not my say so. I don’t have a bath tub but I managed just the same. It’s true, My mat loves it. It does feel more supple :) Try it yourself. 

I’m clearing up my stuff too (in my never ending to bring order in my sewing room) and decided to sell off my old fixed circular needles and straight needles. As to this point, my circular needles are all sold off and I have a few more straight needles selling at RM8.00 a pair. 

I’m letting go of my older needles as I’m making room for my new KnitPro Symfonie Interchangeable Deluxe set :)

And I made two version of Avabags using laminated fabric that I bought from IKEA. The one in front is the original version with cotton webbing handles. I padded the lining with 160gm fiber batting. It gives the bag a nice shape. The one at the back is more of a tote size Avabag which I increased 30% from the original template. I made the handles longer. Loving both of them. You can see them making their debut at the next craft market at JayaONE, this coming Saturday, 17 December 2011.

We are going to attend a wedding reception the evening of 17 December 2011. It’s my brother inlaw’s wedding recaption and the theme colour is grey. I decided to knit Arwen a top because I have some leftover Rowan Milk Cotton in Humbug. I used the pattern: Eastern Promises from the magazine Get Knitted which I recently bought at RM19.90. It has 70 patterns. What a deal. This project was super fast. I made it in 24 hours!

Here’s Arwen modeling it for me with the help of Danial with his bubble gun. I planned to have it paired with a puffy skirt. I’m making a short sleeve shirt for Danial with the same material. The only problem is I don’t have anything to wear.

 I finally got my business cards printed professionally by a fellow facebooker who owns a printing company. It’s a great deal. RM33 for 3 boxes. The best deal in the whole of Klang Valley! Fast service too. I got it in a week after confirming the design and made the payment. Thanks Kak Zamara Buang of RedBlack Art Studio.

I made my card plain because I wanted to personalize it with my scraps. Tested and I’m quite happy with my ver 2.0 of fabric bizcard. The ver 1.0 is here.

And I still have loads to do.... 


  1. Suka tengok semua kat atas....

  2. wahhh banyak nyer.. really productive.

    Laminated cotton kat iken berapa RM semeter? Last week ada tgk kat craft world.. RM85 per meter.. boleh tengok je lah haha

  3. mila, ikea nye lain sket. harga is 29.90 kalau x salah. so boleh je rembat lebih2 sket.