Friday, July 22, 2011

Origami Bag Set and A Petite Diaper Tote

I wanted to make something from my Patty Young’s Sanctuary collection stash and browsed through Amy Butler’s book. I decided to make these Origami Bag Set for a friend. We’re meeting up for dinner this weekend to have a belated birthday celebration so I cranked up my machine and made her a couple of these beauties. I actually cut for 3 bags but I ran out of zippers. The bigger one is size Large measuring 16.5” wide across the top (12” across the bottom) x 4.5” deep x 6.5” tall. The smaller of the two is size Small measuring 12.5” across the top (8.5” across the bottom) x 3.5” deep x 4” tall.

Here’s a photo of Arwen ‘helping out’ during the photo-shoot.

Then, I got news that one of my photo buddies from Penang is coming down to KL with his wife to do their baby-clothes shopping. So, I cut the remainig material from the Glass tiles to make a Petite Diaper Tote; a pattern from the book, One Yard Wonders. 

I feel this is great for mommies who want to dash out for a quick errand and don’t want to take the giant diaper bag along. The bag’s finished dimensions are: 7.5” wide x 7.5” tall x 3.5” deep. I like it because it comes with an attached changing mat (quilted) that folds up and sticks to the back of the bag with velcro.
The teddy bear prop is Arwen’s idea :)

And this is how the bag looks like from the front:

Fill it up with wipes, diapers, a bottle and wallet and you’re ready to go. 

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