Friday, December 25, 2009

My Quick Christmas Project

My old wristlet pouch of over two years is looking rather 'tired'and worn out so I decided to make a new one. And since it's Christmas holiday, Azrai is at home to help with Arwen so I get some 'ME' time with my faithful sewing machine.
I was 'feeling' my way throughout the making of my new wristlet pouch so there was no measurements or pattern. And at the end of the day, this is what I made; TADA!!!! The outside view.

The inside of the pouch.
The inside of the pouch with pockets for a handphone, pen and small stuff.
The outside pocket for small change or cards, etc
Something nifty that can be a carry all for all small items moms cannot leave home without. It's also practical enough as a purse where you can throw it in the diaper bag and fish it out when you need your stuff without much hassle. I take it with me when I go to the supermarket, fetch Danial from daycare to going to the mamak shop for breakfast. I'd have my IC and driver's license and set to go.


  1. Nak order? boleh, boleh! Berapa berani ambik nih?

  2. rozi.. i suka kain tu .. cute... beli kat mna???

  3. Sharifah, ni kain balance-balance sana sini. yang biru tu, lebih buat seluar from project baju budak lelaki Epal, yang bunga-bunga kecik tu, tak salah beli kat Kamdar kot.