Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Shrug

I made this baby shrug for Isabel for her 2nd birthday. I got the pattern from The Shizknit. It's simple enough for an intermediate knitter like me to follow and I finished it in no time. I used my KnitPro wood circular needles 5mm and 2 balls of Austermann Bambou Soft yarn which Azrai brought back for me from Germany. I just love to work with the yarn, so soft and light. Should have asked Azrai to get more of it. I followed the instructions quite closely and seamed the sleeves. It gave me an idea to totally knit this seamlessly, knitting all round for the sleeves as well with the 'magic loop' technique. I'm knitting my own shrug based on this pattern with my circular needles and already made one sleeve seamless. It could just work. Will post the project soon when I finish it.

As for Isabel, Happy Birthday sweetie pie! I hope you love what Aunty Rozi made for you and get a lot of wear from it.


  1. I found your blog by googling baby shrug. I really like your shrug. I am going to attempt one for my little baby but so far I am procrastinating. I'm too scared to start as I've never knitted clothes before, only hats!

  2. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with the shrug. It's fairly easy.

  3. We love the lovely shrug you made for Isabel and she uses it most when we go to the cinema:) Thanks again Kak Rozi for such a sweet thoughtful gift!

  4. Hi Liris! Thanks for leaving a comment in my humble blog :) Glad Isabel likes her shrug. It's always a pleasure to make something special for sweet Isabel and her mommy and daddy being so appreciative too :)