Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work in progress and accidental fabric shopping

Frust! The craft shop in Puchong where I learnt how to knit was closed today. Wah! So early ah? Tokey got big angpow, starting the holidays early :). Anyway, the reason for me going there is to get some biased tape for my work in progress, a mini sejadah cum bag telekung. I made it from a fat quarter from Anna so after the body and straps, there's not much to go around to finish the edges. Looks like this project has to go on the back seat for a while until I get my hands on the tape... I'll put another post on this when it's finished. Nothing much to see but like a fellow blogger, I hate a post without pictures. So, consider this a sneak preview.

Since Arwen and I were already in Puchong and it's only 12pm, still early before we go and fetch Danial for school so I made a detour to IOI Mall. I love to browse around in Daiso, the RM5 shop in the new wing of IOI Mall. Everything is RM5. They have interesting things for crafters too.

On the same floor is Kamdar. I stepped in and just start choosing material. I've been browsing for some tote bag patterns and my brain is starting to hurt having all these ideas in my head. The solution is to make these tote bags and bring the ideas into life. Since it's February, Valentine's month, the theme of my fabric choice is lovey-dovey pink and pastel green. Let see what'll come out of these...

For now, I've tossed everything into the machine. I got into the habit to pre-shrunk everything. Then, hang them to dry, and iron later. The whole process has become therapeutic to me. And of course, the exciting part of cutting and sewing them, goes without saying...

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