Friday, November 26, 2010

A Knitted Vest for A Special Guy

Cool Friday morning. I’ve been thinking of this Guy a lot lately. Maybe because his birthday is coming this December. I miss  him a lot. I think it’s almost 13 years since we last saw each other. He used to be my playmate, roommate and sparring partner at times... heheheh...

Last week when Azrai was away, I couldn’g get to the sewing machine much so I took up my yarn and knitting needles instead. I knit whenever I can around the kids. I’ve been wanting to make something out of my one and only luxury yarn stash, Colourscape Chunky in Carnival by Kaffe Fasset.

I got my inspiration at Berroco website. They have lots of free patterns. I adapted Easy Peter to match my yarn tension. Quite easy and the yarn knits up very fast. Like it so much.

I hope this Guy likes it. The colours are a little feminine. I hope he’s comfortable with his softer feminine side. :) Care to guess who this Guy is? No rewards though...

p/s: pictures are with minimal editing on iPhoto. Couldn’t get the keys for my Photoshop Elements 9 yet. Goal remains, methods change. I shall find a way soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My first swatch

When I got the yarn from Hubby dearest, I can’t wait to get started with knitting socks. But a few pages on my book on socks, the author strongly recommends that I swatch my yarn before I start anything. All this while, I don’t swatch. My ‘sifu’ when I learn to knit never thought me to swatch. I learn how to adapt a pattern with the her so no matter what yarn, it’s still OK.

But this time around, I figure, it’s not that easy to adapt a pattern for socks to have it fit nicely. I dug out my 2.5mm Korean bamboo circular which I bought from Mayfair sometime ago and did a swatch following the instructions from the book, washed it and blocked it.

This is a note as one day I’d might dig up this swatch again and don’t know what is the gauge. So, this swatch is 30st in 4 inches with 2.5mm needles.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sock yarn for my yarn stash

This is what Hubby dearest brought back from Germany for me :) Regia sock yarn. Love them. Thank you Hubby dearest :) 

Announcing the winner of Rozi’s birthday giveaway...

It’s a wet monday morning. I’m happy, hubby is back home with us. Everybody was still asleep when I cut out the names of the participants to my giveaway and put it in one of Arwen’s plastic container. I’ve promised myself, first order of the week is to find the winner for the giveaway.

Danial went to school wearing his new Buzz Lightyear shirt that came all the way from UK. It’s actually a pj but I let him wear the shirt until it can be downgraded to a pj sometime in the future.

After breakfast, I let my lilArwen pick one of the folded paper in the container and guess who’s smiling from ear to ear? *drumroll*

And the winner is....

Congratulations! My partner in crime, AzaIdris!!!!

For those who’ve participated in my giveaway, thank you so much for all the well wishes. May Allah blessed you with the same du’a many times fold.

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It’s all about pleating

I received a gentle reminder from Fuzzy with regards to pleating her fabric for smocking. I’m very busy this week as I’m now holding the fort on my own. Hubby dearest is away at a medical conference in Germany for a week. And yes, we celebrated Hari Raya Aidiladha without him. Just me and the kids. Anyway, on with the pleating story.

So, I took down my pleater and dusted the box. Took it out from the box and my spool rack. Fuzzy sent me 6 fabrics to pleat. She even tag them individually as to how many rows she wants on each of it. I save the last, 23 rows and snapped some pictures here.

My spool rack and threads for 23 rows of pleating

I put the pleater on its box for the extra height

Fabric to be pleated and magnetic rod

Rolling the fabric onto the magnetic rod

Pleating in progress

Pleating completed

My work is done for the day

The fabric Fuzzy sent me are ever so cute. Makes me itch to do smocking again. Well, at least I can get this off my things to do list. Fuzzy, they’re coming home to you. Can’t wait to see how the smocking come out... Enjoy :)

p/s: I offer pleating services and charge RM1.00 per row. And if you just want to do smocking and you’re not very sure to put them together into a dress, I charge a small fee for tailoring too. Just email me and we can discuss the details.

p/s: I’ve yet to select any winner for my giveaway. Sorry for the delay. Will get on to it ASAP. Just bear with me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pre-Ordered CD Toters

It’s been a while since I last made one of these CD toters. A bit rusty in the beginning. Made the pink and the green with ladybugs last night. Made three of the roses in black background today.

They are all pre-ordered and booked by Siti Hajar and Fadhilah. In case you’re wondering how to use this contraption, you can click here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Embroidery thread

Love the splash of colours. Thanks Faziah a.k.a. Fuzzy for the barter trade!

p/s: still contemplating on purchasing the license for Photoshop Elements 9

Bantal MakNab

My friend, Alice asked me to make kapok (kekabu) filled pillows for her mom inlaw and so I did. She asked for four. I gave her two first and forgot to take pictures. The husband, Faudzi, requested me to personalize the pillows. I didn’t want to do an iron-on transfer labels because it doesn’t last after a few washing (Actually, after one washing). So, the first two didn’t have any personalization. To make it up, I personalized the other two; Even on the pillows (see picture on the bottom right hand corner). 

I hope MakNab slumbers well with these pillows and have beautiful dreams.

p/s: I’m on hyper-drive with photo editing and blogging now as my Photoshop Elements 9 trial is expiring in 5 days! 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Anybody interested in Amy Butler’s Book Pre-order?

Remember the book I blog about here? Well, I’m just wondering if anybody is interested to get the book. I might organize a pre-order if there’s enough people interested in owning the book. I’m thinking of a 3 part payment, say, RM50 (non-refundable) when you express interest to join the pre-order; Another RM50 before I place the orders and the balance just before I ship the books to you. I’m not sure how much the supplier is going to price the book but it should be in the range of RM120 to RM150. The recommended retail price of the book is USD29.95. The courier charges by Poslaju is estimated at RM10.00 for Semenanjung Malaysia and RM15.00 for Sabah and Sarawak.

This is not a pre-order post. This is more of a survey to see if anyone interested in a pre-order. Please leave a comment if you are (interested). Another thing, the pre-order books are NOT autographed.

A perfect fit!

My heart was bursting with pride when my husband appreciatively donned the shirt I made for him for his birthday. So handsome, my husband... 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birthday present for my hubby

Berpeluh nak siapkan this shirt for my hubby. It’s his birthday today and I didn’t win a Blackberry Torch through Nuffnang contest so, I’ve got to stitch up something for him. It’s a simple man’s shirt pattern from Simplicity which I’ve downloaded quite some time ago. I stick together the pattern pieces yesterday and only started to cut the fabric after dinner last night. Early this morning, I continue with joining the sleeve, hemming and making the button holes. Oh, and by the way, this shirt is throughly made with my new machine. It was quite pleasant working on this machine and simply love the one step button hole maker. I use to be quite intimidated to do button holes and would rather substitute snaps to making button holes but with the new machine, it was a breeze. Looks like I’ll be starting another collection for buttons soon.

Anyway, this is to my dearest husband, my best friend, my other half, my better half, my pillar of strength, the father to my children. Thank you for your endless support and love. Thank you for closing your eyes when the house is in a mess as I sew away. May Allah bless you with rezeki, health and happiness always. 

I almost forgot, I need to sew the buttons on to the shirt before he gets home. We’ll be taking the birthday guy for a treat tonight and hopefully he gets to wear this.

P/s: I forgot to mention, the shirt is made with Joel Dewberry’s Ironworks in Forest. The fabric is still available at Lil Arwen

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Personalized Towel

Arwen is still asleep so when I was getting her things ready for when she wakes up, I thought I’d do a quick test run on the machine again. Yesterday, I managed to get some melt-away stabilizer which is ideal for the topping so I personalized Arwen’s towel. I used cut-away stabliizer for the back. In my earlier tests with scraps, I only use paper as the stablizer. I’m quite happy with the result as the material didn’t pucker much around the embroidery. Now I know that you don’t really have to make the fabric really taut.  Made a barter trade with Faziah to get the embroidery thread. I want to try out other designs with more than one thread colour.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Amy Butler’s 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags

Alhamdulillah! The Law of Perpectual Transmutation and the Law of Psychological Reciprocity is in action. I’ve been giving free consultation to my "business associate" and in his recent trip to the States, he brought me back this BOOK!!!! I’ve been eyeing this book and in fact it’s in my wishlist. But getting this book is very special because it’s autographed by the designer herself, AMY BUTLER! I’m over the moon three times!!! These are some of the bags in the book which is going to be in my ’To Make’ list.  

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Three is a party!

Introducing another addition to my sewing room, my brand-new, pre-loved Brother Innov-Is 900. Like my school motto, ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’, which means ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’; I went all the way to Kluang, Johor to inspect the machine and with great satisfaction and agreement to the price, it came home with me, Yeay!

It all started when I received an email from Faziah a couple of weeks ago about my earlier post here. She has the exact machine that I wanted and asked if I’m interested to purchase it from her. With a few emails and smses going to and fro between us, we agreed to a price. I even told her that to be fair, if she gets other offers for the machine, she has the prerogative to offer is to the highest bidder. What more, she’s in Kluang and I don’t know if it’s possible for me to go down to check the machine out. After all, it’s a big price-tag item, it’s not something you’d buy and pay for courier without inspecting the item first, right?

I’ve always believe in the Laws of the universe; anything and everything that you’ve ever wanted is coming to you and this is the perfect example. What are the chances of Faziah stumbling over my post on my dream machine? 

Anyway, initially, my ever supportive husband gave a tentative date of November 13 to go to Kluang to inspect the machine. However due to some changes in his work schedule and taking advantage of the public holiday, we made the trip during the Deepavali break.

The landmark for Kluang

The whole process to me was like going to ‘merisik’ (loosely translated ‘to ask a girl’s hand in marriage’) We arrived in Kluang around lunch time, grabbed a quick lunch and contacted Faziah to get directions to her house. Long story short, despite being our first meeting, we quickly connected like old friends. The common interest in sewing and crafting linked us and bridged the age gap. We closed the deal and the machine followed me down to JB for some RnR.

Me being so excited, tested the machine that very night and fell in love with it even more. Thank you Faziah and family for welcoming us to your home and making it possible for me to materialized my wish list way ahead of schedule. 

As for the rest of the weekend, we stayed in JB, went to Singapore on saturday to hang around with my younger brother in Pasir Ris and checked out Sentosa Island. We’re on a shoe-string budget so nothing fancy. Danial however did go on the Skyride and Luge three times; once with Azrai and twice with me. I didn’t want to go window shopping in Orchard Road, or Bugis Street which we can do in KL itself. Here are some pictures I took. Being the photographer, I don’t get to be in any of the pictures.

Arwen’s passport 

Danial @ Sentosa Island

Love this!

the Luge
Being away from my sewing room gave me the chance to knit and try out the two socks at a time from the book I bought recently. I made one for Arwen in Knitpicks sport yarn in Orchid and used some scrap yarn for Danial’s. 

Arwen’s socks. She use them as bed socks.

Working and Danial’s socks while waiting for them splashing around in the hotel pool

All in all, it’s been a great weekend for me. I got a bunch of photography magazines and books from my brother, some curtains that he bought from India but never use and a lot more. 

All these are possible due the grace of God and the support of my husband and kids. Thank you Muhammad Azrai Shamsir for your love and support. Thank you for your willingness to take me to Kluang to get my machine and then taking us all for a break in JB and Singapore without asking for anything in return. Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki suamiku, Amin...