Sunday, February 7, 2010

Casserole Dish Carrier

Finally, I'm able to take this item off my "Things To Make" list. For the benefit of those who've not seen this contraption before, it's called a 'Casserole Dish Carrier'. I first saw it at my dad's kenduri tahlil when my aunty packed her pengat durian in it. She made hers when she was in Turkey. I thought it's such a clever thing and made a mental note to make one for myself one day. 

 I made mine from memory. I traced the bottom of a round basin which is about 16" in diameter. 

To use it, you put your casserole dish into the carrier like such.

Pull the string and tie it to secure the dish in the centre of the carrier

Tada!!! You pick up the two handles and carry your casserole dish in style to the next potluck. It'll be a great conversational piece. 

Although it's round, you can still carry a square casserole dish in it, not necessary just round dish.

The carrier would follow the shape of your casserole dish.

I made mine with 100% cotton fabric. The bottom piece is lined with cotton-batting-cotton and quilted so you can carry and keep your food warm. The top piece is lined with a solid cotton fabric to hide the seams. You can see it's fresh from my sewing machine with the tell-tale sign of my tailor's chalk on the quilted backing. 

I'm thinking of selling this on my blog. What do you guys think? How much would you buy this for? Leave me some comments. I'd appreciate it :) 


  1. Heheh... Kak Dada, kecik tapak tangan, nyiru saya tadahkan... First customer nih, boleh la. For the moment, I only have this stripey fabric in red/orang and blue/green combination. What colour do you want?

  2. OMG!! brilliant idea.. i've seen this item in many craft magazines, but none had handles or look as cute as yours. you should sell it - maybe RM50~.. would you mind if i use yours as inspiration to make one for myself??

  3. Thanks for the feedback My Botang :) By all means, knock yourself out hehehe

  4. Rozi, that is such a wonderful idea. And so bright and colourful. You should sell it.

  5. Thanks Sally. I think for the time being, I'll make it made to order. I've so many things in mind to make... my head hurts :)

  6. Rozi, can you do 5 before the Ramadhan? Nak give out as Iftar presents for my sisters [& in-laws]. Make all different combination.

  7. Elaine, InsyaAllah. Check your yahoo mail. sent you some details to consider. Thank you for your interest and support to my crafts :)