Saturday, February 20, 2010

Update-Mini Sejadah Bag, SIAP!!!

My WIP is now completed. I didn't get the bias tape maker nor the ready made bias tape but made the binding on my own using green polkadot cotton from my recent fabric hunt.  It matches the green of my fat quarter fabric very well. With the limitation of my photography skill and camera, here's what the finished product look like. It measures approximately 13" x 19" if it's open flat as a small sejadah where you put your face when you sujud. Closed up, it's approximately 13" x 9.5".

Went back to Anna's Patchwork House for more supplies. You just love the warm welcome Anna gives when you walk into her quaint shop. I highly recommend those who's interested to learn quilting or patchworking to go and see Anna. I have that small window where I'm done with Arwen's needs in the morning and the time where I need to pick up Danial from school.

I'm pleased to learn that a fellow blogger, Naza from Itsy Bitsy Doodly Love made the reversible baby booties for her precious one. I think her booties are simply adorable. Love the polkadot fabric she has on her blog too.

I've already lay out my plan for tomorrow to hubby dearie. Go fabric hunting at Nilai Square. Lets see what I can get there...

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